Intelligent mobility - future concepts, economic ecosystems and funding opportunities

March 2021

Participation in the European Technology Chamber (EU TECH) event on "Business Opportunities in the Mobility Ecosystem".

Climate change and sustainability have finally arrived in everyday consciousness. Intelligent mobility concepts are an essential contribution. Due to enquiries in the field of funding, we have become much more qualified in this area in the last 2 years through concrete projects. The spectrum ranges from innovative and sustainable solutions for vehicle drive technology to economic ecosystems for consumer-friendly transport concepts in cooperation with municipalities and event organisers, including digital networking, or the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electromobility.

At the European Technology Chamber (EU TECH) event in March, Andrea Mewaldt had the opportunity to share our experiences on the topic of "Business Opportunities in the Mobility Ecosystem" through a panel presentation with more than 100 representatives of innovative companies from the mobility industry in Europe and to discuss them afterwards.

The conclusion was that the success of future smart mobility will depend on a variety of innovative technologies, networked systems and research that drives innovation. The European Union's Green Deal and the funding provide the good framework conditions for mastering these challenges in economic ecosystems of companies, science and the public sector.

What is often forgotten, however, is civil society, i.e. the citizens, who should definitely be included in the visions for the future, for example through citizens' dialogues on the following questions: What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of mobility do we need in cities and rural areas? What values should accompany digitalisation? 

We would like to thank Mr Bernd Mattner, board member of the EU Tech Mobility Council, for the invitation and professional moderation of the event.  We were also very pleased to having received a special thanks from EU TECH for our contribution: a certificate stating that 10 trees will be planted in Africa for the contribution made. A wonderful idea, recommended for imitation (see picture).

If you are also interested in the topic of "Intelligent Future Mobility", e.g. if you are looking for partner companies, partner organisations, financial support or you would like to organise an exchange forum for citizens on the topic, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Your contact person: Ms Andrea Mewaldt (+49 89 23076780,

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