External evaluation on Inclusive Citizenship in Iraq successfully completed

January 2021

On behalf of Adyan Foundation (Beirut, Lebanon), OEC conducted the evaluation on the National Dialogue for Coexistence and Citizenship in Iraq.

Adyan is a foundation for diversity, solidarity and human dignity. The foundation is registered as an NGO in Lebanon. It works locally, regionally and internationally for interfaith dialogue, pluralism, participation and social inclusion. The concept of "Inclusive Citizenship" and the effectiveness of a "National Dialogue" with Track-2 stakeholders have been the main focus of the project evaluation. The project objective was the promotion of peace and reconciliation and strengthening resilience in a region that is struggling with the consequences of war and is still strongly affected by unrest. Together with representatives of civil society and religious communities, sustainable networks and solutions for education, media and politics have been developed step by step. 

The evaluation was conducted in cooperation with local consultants and we would like to thank Ferhad Sami Abdulqadir and Nisreen Hamdi Sedeeq for their competent and friendly cooperation.

We would like to refer you to the assessment of Adyan on the platform Proven Expert describing the evaluation process as a fruitful learning for the quality development of their organisations.

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