Start-up Consultation for Small Business Entrepreneurs in Columbia

July 2019

OEC Consultant voluntarily participates in a short-term CIM assignment in the Amazon area writing a practice handbook for indigene founders of a new business.

In July/August, Open Europe Consulting participated in a voluntary short-term assignment of the Center for International Migration (CIM) in order to contribute to socio-economic development in Columbia. The program promotes initiatives which – in 25 selected countries - enhance the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our consultant Andrés Rueda who originates from Columbia has created during his four-week assignment a handbook which is addressed to entrepreneurs of small businesses in the town of Florencia (Caquetá) in the area of Columbian Amazon. The document supports the town administration which aims at strengthening the capabilities of disadvantaged groups in business creation.

Due to the political and social context the addressees of the handbook are mostly indigene people who often have a short biography in the formal education system. The handbook methodically and didactically supports the entrepreneurs in developing a good business idea as well as creating a business plans for strategic planning and realization of solid business models. Additionally, information for start-up financing is presented and on the registration of the business.

Open Europe Consulting in the future will adhere to a stronger cooperation with Latin America in matters of social and economic development. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Andrés Rueda (, +49 8923076780).

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