Vocational education and training - digital teaching and learning

September 2020

Open Europe Consulting presents workseed - Learning Management System for vocational education and training.

The COVID-19 pandemic reveals the gaps in digital teaching and learning. This applies to school and higher education as well as vocational education and training.

In spring Andrea Mewaldt in the team of trainers Anna Corbet and Stephan Hild developed the Train-the-Trainer programme for methodology and didactics in online formats. More information on the programme can be found on the website of the client ti communication GmbH in Regensburg. The programme was nominated for a Bavarian Innovation Award 2020. Recent articles by Andrea Mewaldt on the topic of digital learning can be found in the Mittelbayerische Zeitung.

The wheel does not have to be reinvented again and again. There are tried and tested solutions for digital education, e.g. from Scandinavia. The workseed LMS developed in Finland, supports the cooperation between vocational schools or training providers, the training company and the trainees during the entire period of vocational training. Workseed is a transparent instrument for

  • Curriculum-based and didactically-methodically digital knowledge transfer,
  • strengthening the self-efficacy of learners and
  • Appraisal of the trainees' performance.

In close cooperation with the largest special education institutions in Finland, the workseed LMS is gradually adapted to the different needs of special education target groups in a continuous improvement process aiming at successful inclusion in vocational education and training and at the workplace.

Workseed LMS is available in German and English. For more information please see PDF download.We would be happy to arrange a date for a free demonstration and advise you on funding opportunities.

Registration at: mewaldt@open-europe-consulting.eu

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