Training and Consulting growing convergence

December 2018

Seminar Statistics underline good Training Year 2018.

Due to changing requirements of our clients, we have noticed, that consulting and training services started to merge ever more, than in the previous years. Our workshops and trainings are individually designed and always have a consulting character. Both areas keep strengthen each other. In the training and coaching formats, we see a trend of turning towards smaller group sessions (1 to 4 people), while at the same time variety of formats and mixed forms in consulting services increased.

This year we have created statistics for the first time. Our personal trainings and coaching in the intercultural communication, international team trainings and the individual expat preparations, as well as couple and their children training for the deployed families, are our most sought after stars of this year. We are very excited about an outstanding 56% growth in this business.

Trainings and workshops are held throughout Europe, preferably on site, in order to integrate the direct experience into the training’s format. We prepare e.g.  German and international executives for Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Serbia or Russia as destination countries, we accompanied the teams of an Austro-Croatian joint venture or a Swiss top manager in his move from China to Poland. Topic seminars such as "Corporate Values", "Sustainability" or "Corporate Volunteering" are becoming increasingly important to our customers.

In our consulting work, we mostly work in various workshop formats together with many international stakeholders. Especially in strategy and organizational development, the use of interactive and creative methods is particularly productive. We adapt these from proven training instruments. In addition, we organize and moderate multi-lingual conferences, dialogue seminars, specialist conferences and symposia, focus groups for research and evaluations and etc. And we are also appointed to an Advisory Board, where we have a pleasure to contribute our consulting expertise and methodology.

All training and workshop formats are evaluated regularly. In 2018, our total of 922 participants rated us 1.28 (scale 1 very good - 5 poor). We thank you for the very good feedback and looking forward to further interesting assignments.

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