Train the Online Trainer. Interactive and confident from flipchart to live online training

May 2020

Get ready for a new era! ti communication invites you to take part in the train-the-trainer modules for creative and interactive live online training. The programme was developed in cooperation with OEC, among others.

Faster than expected and planned, the current situation requires all trainers to gain skills for the implementation of virtual trainings. The COVID 19 crisis acts as a catalyst that accelerates the implementation of innovative and virtual learning formats and will have a lasting effect on the development and learning methods of trainers in the future.

Virtual training rooms offer many different possibilities to activate, integrate and inspire the participants. In our advanced training you will learn a wide range of methods for interactive and creative live online training. In your learning group you will reflect on the various possible applications and benefit from the experience of your colleagues.

Make yourself fit for a new era. Learn how to train online just as confidently and effectively as you are used to in the seminar room.

Information about the modules, the conditions of the training and contacts can be found here.

As a trainer of the modular further education Andrea Mewaldt is looking forward to your participation.

If you have any questions or you are interested, please feel free to contact directly Ms. Mewaldt:

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