Strategy Development for Strengthening the Romany Communities in Slovakia

June 2019

On behalf of the Slovak Bishop Conference, OEC – together with an appointed working group - develops strategic guidelines of Romany pastoral and social work in Slovakia

In the country of about 5,4 million inhabitants live approximately 500.000 Romanies. Most of the settlements are situated in the Eastern Slovakia , an economically underdeveloped area of the country. Most of the Romany families live on state social welfare.

The Roman Catholic- and Greek Catholic Churches are considerably committed in the Romany villages. During the first strategy workshop in Bratislava the members discussed on i.e. enculturated pastoral work, capacity building and networking, infrastructure, measures to income generation and equal opportunity for Romany in the formal education system. Additionally, the working group will develop strategies on how the work which is already done could be made better visible and known to the Slovak population, and in particular to communities and administrations.

The first conference for Romany Pastoral in Slovakia prepared by members of the working group will be held on 21st September in Bratislava; this conference will be the first building block of the project. The organisers expect about 150 guests of the churches, society and politics, and also from nearby foreign countries (Hungary, Romania, Ukraine).

The next strategy workshop will take place in July in the Eastern Slovakia in Humenné followed by visits to the Romany villages.

For further information or similar project ideas please contact Andrea Mewaldt (, +49 8923076780).

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