PRORURE network in Brussels

September 2018

At the closing week of the Erasmus Plus project PRORURE, Andrea Mewaldt moderated the discussion on rural development at the European Parliament.

The Erasmus Plus project PRORURE, focused on strengthening civil society in rural Europe, was concluded with a week of events in Brussels. The last step in the organization development moderated by OEC was the formulation of questions and positions on the rural area as living, working, economic, social and cultural area. These topics were discussed with decision-makers of church and society at European level.

The first dialogue event took place in the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Union (COMECE); the second one was conducted in the European Parliament, and the last one in the European Commission. In addition to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), interdisciplinary approaches were discussed in the dialogue events, which sought to (re)invigorate the rural area, counteract the exodus and strengthen civil society. Major differences in the 11 participating European countries became clear throughout the discussions.

New dimensions of economic and social prosperity

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