Participation in the #WirVsVirus Hackathon

March 2020

The #WirVsVirus Hackathon brought together citizens, IT developers and healthcare professionals last weekend. More than 100 projects were developed by 27,000 people to help tackle the Corona crisis.

The COVID 19 pandemic is changing our lives. The OEC-team works like many others from home. Social Distancing is self-evident. All scheduled trips have been cancelled. Will the regular consultant mobility change permanently due to the new working methods?

To cope with the many social challenges in the face of the pandemic at home, in Europe and globally, cohesion, empathy, know-how and co-creation are needed. At the #WirVsVirus Hackathon, digital solutions and other approaches were developed to help in the current crisis and beyond, e.g. in acute and preventive health protection, harvesting in agriculture, schooling children at home, social and cultural life and much more.

The projects and outlined implementation strategies were uploaded as videos on YouTube here. They are now being evaluated and the best projects will be funded by the federal government and implemented for the benefit of us all.

OEC wishes health and confidence to all!

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