OEC as a solution provider on stiftungsmarkplatz.eu

May 2019

Visit us on www.stiftungsplatz.eu and learn more about our consulting work for non-profit organizations and foundations.

OEC was accepted as a recognized solution provider in the platform Stiftungsmarktplatz.eu. With this step, we have decided to present our consulting work on civil society development, sustainability and education on the largest expert platform for the non-profit sector. Two case studies from our work in Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina are now available on the platform and we will continue to provide up-to-date information.

The platform offers specialized contributions for questions regarding non-profit issues and supports networking between non-profit and for-profit organizations, which in turn relates very well to our Corporate Social Responsibility and Creating Shared Value services.

You can see our detailed profile on stiftungsmarkplatz.eu here.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive information to non-profit organizations and create the basis for a trusting cooperation. Please direct your questions on strategy development, project development and evaluation, organizational development, or funding advice to:

Ms. Andrea Mewaldt (mewaldt@open-europe-consulting.eu, +49 89 23076780).

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