Andrea Mewaldt selected as a mentor in the "Women Leadership Programme" of the European Innovation Council as part of the "WomenTechEU Initiative"

August 2021

Andrea Mewaldt is looking forward to the voluntary task of mentoring young female talents and founders in Europe. The call to apply as a mentor went out to women and men in leadership positions, experienced entrepreneurs, investors, technology experts, researchers and innovators.

 Andrea Mewaldt was selected as a mentor for the first cohort. "I am now very excited about the matching process until the end of September, to see which candidate I will end up with as a mentee, from which field of innovation," she says.

The "WomenTechEU" initiative was launched by the EU Commission on 8 March 2021. It is funded under the European work programme "Innovation Ecosystems" of Horizon Europe. It supports women leading deep tech start-ups in Europe and helps them develop their companies into the deep tech champions of tomorrow. "Women TechEU" aims to provide world-class coaching and mentoring for female CEOs and founders, as well as targeted funding to take their businesses to the next level.

Deep tech accounts for more than a quarter of the European start-up ecosystem, with European deep tech companies now worth a total of €700 billion. Women remain highly underrepresented in this industry.

More information on the WomenTechEU programme can be found here.

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