Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

October 2019
Baltic Way - BaltskýŘetěz, Kusurija [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Teaching assignment on “Intercultural Communication with the Baltic States” at the Bundeswehr University (University of the Federal Armed Forces).

On August 23, the Baltic States celebrated the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Singing Revolution. At that time, people formed a 600 km long human chain from Tallinn (Estonia) via Riga (Latvia) to Vilnius (Lithuania) to demonstrate in support of freedom and independence from the Soviet Union. Recently, the memory of the so-called "Baltic Way" has been taken up by the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement in order to draw worldwide attention to protesters’ demand for freedom.

Today NATO protects the security interests of the Baltic countries. As part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence, the Bundeswehr is leading the multi-national battlegroup stationed in Lithuania. Through the seminar, students acquire comprehensive and specific country knowledge of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In addition, they deal with historical backgrounds and current political events in the Baltic Sea region and the adjacent areas, especially Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

Learning objectives of the seminar conducted by Ms. Andrea Mewaldt are the sensitization and appreciation for intercultural communication, as well as the confrontation with self- and other images. Critical reflection processes and the formation of political opinion are also promoted. Fundamental questions in this context are: "In which Europe do we want to live?" "Formation of strategic blocs versus economic, cultural and scientific cooperation with Russia – what type of security architecture do we need?"

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